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Awards :

A large number of awards, scholarships & prizes are given to meritorious students every year.
1. Late Sri Justice Gurusharan Lal Srivastava (Ex. Chairman of Bhavan’s Lucknow Kendra) Memorial Award for Highest percentage in Mathematics for Class X.
2. Late Sri P.K. Shankhadhar Memorial Award for highest percentage in Accountancy for Class XII.
3. Smt. Saroj Hari Mohan Award for highest percentage in English for Class X.
4. Late Smt. Shakuntala Tandon Memorial Award for highest percentage in Computer Science.
5. Sri Siddh Baba Trust Award for highest percentage in Chemistry for Class XII.
6. Late Sri Kishori Lall Gupta Memorial Award for highest percentage in Psychology for Class XII.
7. Late Sri Shivnath Singh Memorial Award for highest percentage for Class XI.
8. Late Sri Shivnath Chandrawati Memorial Award for highest percentage in Science for Class X.
9. Late Sri Ashok Kumar Scholarships for highest overall percentage in Science for Class X CBSE Board Examination.
10. Sri Rajeev Krishna Chandra Award for highest percentage in Mathematics for Class XII.
11. Late Sri Hari Mohan Memorial Award for highest percentage in Social Science for Class X.
12. Sri Siddh Baba Trust Award for highest percentage in Sanskrit for Class X.
13. Late Sri Rameshwar Sahai Memorial Award for overall best Student.
14. Late Raj Mohini Sayal Memorial Awards for Sanskrit.
15. Late Sri Krishan Lal Gupta Memorial Award for deserving meritorious student.
16. Dr. R.K. Tandon Scholarship for deserving meritorious students.
17. Late Sri Prabhu Dayal Mehrotra Memorial Award for meritorious student.
18. Late Smt. Shanti Khanna Memorial Award for Drawing and Music.
19. Sri Madho Singh Award for highest marks for Class XII.
20. Late Sri Sripat Sahai Memorial Award for highest marks in Science for Class IX.
21. Late Smt. Bhuwaneshwari Devi Memorial Award for meritorious Girl students.
22. Late Capt. Dr. Rajendra Prasad Memorial Award for meritorious Girl Students. 
23. Sri Vinay Kishan Award for highest marks in Social Studies for Class IX.
24. Sri Vinay Kishan Award for highest marks in Social Studies for Class VII.
25. Late Sri C. C. Bagchi Memorial Award for highest marks in Mathematics for Class XI.
26. Late Smt. Arati Bagchi Memorial Award for highest marks in Mathematics for Class IX.
27. Late Dr. Pashupati Nath Wahi Memorial Award for Class XI.
28. Late Shri Amarnath Gupta Memorial Award for Best orator.
29. Late Smt. Savitri Devi Memorial Award for highest marks in Hindi for Class X.
30. Late Smt. Damyanti Memorial Award for upcoming and promising Students. (2)
31. Late Shri Kalish Tewari Memorial Award for Music.
32. Late Shri Musaddi Lalji Memorial Award for Hindi Elocutions.
33. Late Smt. Sarojni Sharma Memorial Award for Music.
34. Smt. Shanti Devi Sahai Memorial Award.
a) Academic (Class-Wise) Prizes for standing first and second in each class.
b) Competition Prizes.

English & Hindi Elocution.
English & Hindi Hand-Writing
English & Hindi Debate 
English & Hindi Drama
English & Hindi Essay Writing
English & Hindi Story-Writing
Geeta Chanting
Music & Dance
Arts & Crafts
Poster Making
Science Models
c) Highest Attendance
d) Games & Sports

Sports Shields
Best House Shield



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