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Main Aspects of Child Development :

The School Strives to foster:
Social Development:
Working and playing together children learn to be well adjusted to the group and to other children.

Emotional Development:
Imbibing higher values and proper expression children develop self-confidence and self-reliance.

Intellectual Development:
Increasing ability of reading, writing and specking enhances general awareness and understanding.
Every child is given the opportunity of developing his/her unique talents and capabilities. While encouraging to march ahead in a competitive society, the child is not unduly pressurised for cut-throat competition and resultant emotional stress and strain.

Individual Attention:
The Teacher-learner ratio in the School is such as to ensure individual attention to every child by providing guidance and encouragement for full intellectual and emotional development. Special attention is given to those students who are found weak in any subject in order to bring them upto the mark.

Latest Educational Technology:
Audio-Visual teaching aids, projectors and multi-media computers, T.V. & Sound System have been provided along with educational CDs & VCDs on various subjects, encyclopaedias & talking dictionaries etc. For effective communication and inter action.

Excellent Results:
The School has the unique distinction of showing excellent results every year in the Secondary (X) & Senior Secondary (XII) Examination of the Central Board of Secondary Education from the very beginning as a result of personal attention to all the students. 

Moral & Cultural Education:
Moral instruction is imparted to the students of all classes beginning from Class I. Culture Course is an essential part of School Curriculum.

Discipline (with understanding) is the cornerstone of this institution. If any child breaks the rules of shows unruly behaviour, the Principal’s decision is final in the matter of taking disciplinary action which may include suspension or expulsion from the School.

Students must put in 75% attendance before they will be allowed to appear for their final examination in any class.

Morning Assembly:
Every day the School activity begins with inspiring prayers in which all the teachers and pupils are required to participate. This includes the National Anthem. 



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